River Landing Yard Sale

Every year, the community holds a big garage sale to help residents sell old things they no longer need. This event also serves as a charity drive! Please reach out to Stephanie Van Allan @ [email protected] or visit the neighborhood Facebook page for any questions you may have about this event.

The date for the 2020 Community Yard Sale is yet to be determined. The event will be open to the general public from 8 a.m. to noon, followed by free pickup of donation items by Habitat for Humanity and other local charities (they will not take clothes, bedding, or stuffed animals). They will pickup the donation items no later then 4 p.m. We encourage all residents to participate and sell or donate items they no longer need.

Sites such as Craig's List and other garage-sale sites may be used to promote sale items. The POA will not place a newspaper ad, but residents are welcome to if they choose.

Due to issues in the past, we will have a traffic pattern enforced this year to avoid congestion and damage to property and lawns. Residents will be required to abide by these flow guidelines during the event as well. Parking will only be allowed on the right side of the road while foot traffic may progress on the left side. The extra parking space at the tennis courts in our neighborhood recreational area will be open to 'park and walk' visitors. You may place items such as traffic cones, rope, plastic chains, small poles, or small signs along driveways and lawn edges to prevent damage to sprinklers or other property caused by parked/traveling vehicles.

Traffic Pattern Map